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Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
at the moment. we're looking at temperatures now at 32 in washington. we've got some 20s north and west. 42 by noon. could abcouple of showers coming in there or even wet flakes toward the shenandoah valley. by 5:00 rainy and 40 degrees. again the threat for some wet snow or sleet north and west. there's our moisture in kentucky, tennessee and the carolinas trying to make its way east but it's going to abwhile before it gets here -- to be a while before it gets here w. very some winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories for the mountains this morning and into the afternoon hours but nothing close toward the metro. our temperatures are starting down to 23 in manassas. 27 winchester. culpeper 25. 33 for bill in newland, virginia in the northern neck and fredricksburg is at 30. we're only going to be in the low 40s. looks like we're fine this afternoon. a little wet at times -- i mean fine this morning, wet this afternoon and a wintry mix north and west but the roads will be too warm for anything but wet streets. let's check in with liz and looking pretty quiet out there. >> repor
Dec 6, 2012 5:00am EST
don't have to look too hard in washington these days to see the fiscal cliff theater. >> nobody wants to get this done more than me. >> our goal is to make sure it gets solved. >> the president is ready, willing and able, waiting to be able to sit down and seriously negotiate this. but they have to be willing to come to the table with specifics. >> the next 72 hours are critical. if he sits back and continues to play politics, that will give your answer where we're going. >> some lawmakers are actually going back home to their districts. congress has little scheduled business for the rest of the week. house speaker john boehner is saying that's not going to stop negotiations though. in the meantime pentagon officials say the white house has ordered the military to start planning for the possibility of cutting $500 billion from its budget over the next decade in case no fiscal cliff deal is scheduled. the military had been told for months not to get ready for these budget cuts. in the meantime, "the washington post" released a survey earlier this week. it found 53% of people polled wou
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
. >>> all of the rain has been falling in the pacific northwest is causing big problems in washington state now. soggy hillsides are giving way n. one case a mud slide caused a train derailment. amtrak trains running north of seattle have been canceled at least through tomorrow. >>> it's 5:11. we may not have rain problems like that but we will be getting cooler as we head towards the official start of winter. that's happening friday. details next at 5:15 and howard's seven-day forecast unless the world ends before then. >> coming up at 5:30, after newtown at least one area lawmaker says it is time to rethink gun control. >>> ahead at 5:50, we'll get a preview of the 23rd annual washington jewish film festival. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to 9news now on this tuesday morning at 5:14. howard says it's going to be an improving day. >> much better than yesterday. tomorrow the pick of the week. the trend is our friend right now. then by the end of the week, we talked about winter beginning friday. that's 6:12 in the morning. almost on schedule, the colder air will be pouring in our di
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am EST
rushing record. the cowboys closed it in a little bit but washington beat dallas 28-18 to become the nfc champions. beery eyed fans there. good morning delia. >> reporter: jordan has been working overnight. but you have your jersey on. tell me about the game last night. what did you think? >> it was awesome. couldn't have asked for anything better of course. the best game of the year, last game of the year. awesome. >> we were talking earlier and r.g. iii had so much pressure on him and the city is kind of up lifted because everyone was counting on him? >> absolutely. i think it brought back you know the flavor of football to washington. you know, we have a long tradition of football and you know, you couldn't ask for anything better. dallas cowboys, our rivals and you know r.g. iii and the rest of the young guys have exceeded everybody's expectations. so they are really young and it is only the beginning. >> the rest of the young guys, armed morris obviously another young guy, did fantastic yesterday. you said there are a lot of stars besides r.g. iii that carried it. >> you can't take
Dec 7, 2012 5:00am EST
. >>> the birds have won 53 games and washington 29. the fortunes of the franchises seem to be taking divergent paths. not ni more. a month ago most would have predicted the ravens-skins to be lopsided in favor of the ravens. but now the equation includes rg3. the burgundy and gold feel they can compete with anybody and the playoffs are reality. >> guys are playing under the must win situation. guys are taking it to hart. -- to heart. if we keep playing the way we're playing, we can beat anybody. >> part of the big weekend of football. earl-navy saturday at rg 3:00 followed by the game at 7:00. redskins-ravens kickoff at 1:00 right here after the game for a post-game show from 5:00 to 6:00 and game on overtime wraps up at 11:55. >>> bargain and compromise, it's the cornerstone of every negotiation but eight in short supply in new york right now where the nhl is trying to figure out a way to play. there was momentum over the weekend. now it is gone. players and owners worked into the wee hours of the night the last couple of days. no resolution. now yesterday there was a rumor that a deal might
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
seen here in the washington area. the tickets are drying up. i mean the price could definitely go up. people that want to make a move should look now and get it while they can still get it. >> reporter: standing room only? priced at $300. >> it's not much out on the market. it's -- it's the least amount of tickets i can remember for a redskins game at fedex field ever. >> reporter: sideline seats going up to $10,000 on stub hub. even the parking passes are for sale at a higher price online. people saying they can't make the game anymore because it's been flexed. but as much as they're going for -- >> really there's no chance i would sell the tickets. >> reporter: among the craigslist ticket postings, he put his nonlisting telling sellers stop talking about how this is the biggest game in a decade. go to it. support your team instead of trying to make a few dollars. to his surprise he got some responses. >> i just wanted to say thank you for saying what i've been thinking all week. out loud. >> reporter: he says the experience of being at the last game of the regular season will be pr
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6